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Reading – the process is not only very exciting, but infinitely rewarding. But not everyone knows that during the reading with the human body, interesting things happen. Here are some more fascinating facts related to the reading. - When reading almost 50% of the time human eyes look at different letters. At the same sight lines can go in different directions and to cross. - With the rapid reading eye fatigue less than when slow. The level of understanding in traditional reading is 60%, with the rapid – 80%. Napoleon read at a speed of two thousand words per minute. - Balzac had read the novel two hundred pages in half an hour. - T. Edison read from 2-3 lines, memorizing the text almost pages due to maximum concentration. Stephen Blumberg, one of the most famous Bilyaletdinov, stole more than 23,000 rare books from 268 libraries to make your collection, estimated at around $ 20 million. Bloomberg used a variety of methods, sometimes he snuck into the library through the ventilation system or Elevator shaft. - The longest marathon reading aloud a team lasted 224 hours and was completed by Milton Nan, Silvino Carbone, Carlos Anton, Edith Diaz, Yolanda Baptiste and Nathalie Dantes in the shopping center "Mac" in paysandú, Uruguay, September 13-22, 2007.

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